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Harmony was founded back in 2002 by guitarist Markus Sigfridsson and drummer Tobias Enbert. They contacted me when they needed a singer for their demo, wich we recorded in the summer of 2002, and immediately Harmony got a label contract with Massacre Records. Harmony wanted me to stay as a permanent singer and the debut album "Dreaming Awake" was released in 2003 and got great reviews all over Europe. At this time Andreas Olsson (Narnia, Stormwind, Devinefire) was handling the bass and Magnus Holmberg the keyboards. Harmony played at several festivals in Sweden, Norway and Finland, but unfortunately, several of the members were at this time very busy with other projects, and that made it hard to get the time to record a follow-up. But right now Harmony is in the studio recording, and will after four long years release their second album!