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Darkwater is my main band, and I, together with Magnus Holmberg and Markus Sigfridsson, started this progressive metal band in 2003. After finding the rest of the members, Tobias Enbert and Karl Wassholm, we did a couple of gigs and were immediately invited to contribute on a Sweet tribute album (the Sweet According to Sweden, RIVEL Records Sweden) with the song "Shot Down In Flames". Since then we have been writing and working on our debut album "Calling the Earth to Witness". After a long time of recordings, and having the album as good as ready, we, in 2005, took the very difficult decision to re-record the WHOLE album! This due to both technical and musical issues. But today we are very glad that we did. The album came out smoking and it will be released on Ulterium Records in the beginning of May 2007!